Waste Management

One of the Nation's Largest Broadline Retailers - Case Study


  • Approximately 3,800 distribution centers and full-line and specialty retail stores throughout North America
  • Redundant service across different divisions at a single location
  • Inefficiencies and high costs related to cardboard recycling
  • Managing multiple vendors and billing processes across 3,800 locations


  • Conducted comprehensive site surveys to “right size” containers and eliminate redundancies
  • Developed a no-fee cardboard recycling program with rebates to offset overall waste spend
  • Implemented wood and recycling program with open top roll-offs
  • Consolidated billing across all locations and eliminated paper invoices
  • Decreased waste volume
  • Reduced hauling frequency 
  • Significant cost savings
  • Improved operating efficiencies
  • Assisting customer with the expansion of a back-haul program